Computer suggestions for "Average Joe"


At FixMeRemotely we are constantly being asked by our Clients " I need a new computer, what should I get?" For Residential users the new computer doesn't need to be a "Power House". If your existing machine is 4-7 years old, even the cheapest current device will be 10 times better than your old one.

1. Laptop or desktop?

That is all up to you. If you are not planning to go anywhere with your computer, or if you enjoy high quality image definition because you are in watching lots of online videos and can afford a bigger monitor, the desktop would be your best choice. Laptop is obviously for users on the go.

2. Brand

Years of personal experience are yelling  DELL !!!. Dell is the easiest to troubleshoot, has a large inventory no mater what your needs are, from standard home users, to gamers, to business level PCs. They are more reliable, have better performance, warranty  is generally more extended, and all of that at the same or slightly higher price comparing to similar renowned brands.

Yes, they still have issues sometimes, but still, much less than Hewlett Packard, Acer, Lenovo, etc...

3. Specs

If you are a regular internet user with few applications running like Microsoft office, Skype, etc... you don't need much. Since technology and prices are changing almost daily we will be updating this info regularly.

Updated 06/15/17

Here are our suggestions:
Lower End
Middle of the road
Higher End